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the escalating violence. remembering jonestown. why families of bay area victims want a local memorial torn down. lining up for black friday five days out. why shoppers can not wait for the sales. and good evening. a huge blast lights up the night as gaza city is hit. the conflict is in the 6th day. despite cease-fire talks the violence rages on. 81 palestinians have been killed. 720 palestinians have been wounded, three israeli civilians killed and dozens more wounded. we report from gaza city where a air strike hit a residential area. >> reporter: a woman was rescued from a collapsed
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building after an air attack. officials say seven members of one family died in this attack alone, including four children. israeli military says the strikes are surgical and finding their target. but in one of the most densely populated places on the planet, civilian deaths are mounting. >> this is inhumanity. >> reporter: journalists found themselves in the crosshairs of missiles, too. the military released it this video of a missile strike on a media center in gaza city. the officials called it legitimate target. >> this media building had an infrastructure of hamas electrics communication on the roof. >> reporter: another building that houses officers used by foreign journalists, including cbs news in gaza, also came under attack early this morning. hamas kept up its attacks on israel, too.
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launching rockets from inside gaza from this morning into the night with another attempted attack on tel aviv. palestinians told us the last 24 hours have been the most intense since fighting began five days ago. and they are bracing for more to come. >> you hear the roar of fighter jets overhead followed by the explosions. you may hear the sound of drones flying above us. they never stop. but we have seen rockets launched towards israel from gaza. we counted five or six of them. judging from the smoke trails as they headed towards israel. cbs news, in gaza city. right now, president barack obama and secretary of state, hilary rodham clinton are near mirnar. they say his trip is not an
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endorsement of the government but the progress that the country has made towards democracy. a $10,000 reward is offered tonight on to find the suspect in a crime spree. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was caught after a series of robberies and police chase and a carjacking a tempt that left a man dead. >> at 9:00 i heard not continuous gunshots but maybe a little one after another with time. >> saw the victim's father up in the front. and he was still in shock after finding out that his son is had been shot in front of the 7/11. >> his alleged accomplice is still on the run. the award money is offered in -- offered for information for the arrest. the 24-year-old was shot last night as he sat in the car with a woman on ivy drive.
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the suspect's took the woman's purse and ran in separate directions. that is the third shooting in that neighborhood and the second homicide since june. a sad anniversary for many bay area families tonight. 34 years ago today, 34 members of the people's temple died. many from the bay area. cbs 5 reporter on why some family members want a local memorial torn down. [singing] >> the heartache they bring. [singing] >> reporter: this memorial circus started from this memorial in the cemetery something this family calls the plaque of shame. it is horrific. >> we lived that tragedy. my family, membership people never got over it -- many people never got over it. now we have to see the insult. >> reporter: among the names of the almost 1,000 people that died in jones town in 1978 is that of the map deemed responsible. jim jones, who ran this colony.
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many of his followers were from the bay area. 27 were family members of wynona. >> he comes with this grand scheme to me he is going to take all of these people to the promise land. they believed it. >> reporter: 34 years ago jones incited what he called a mass suicide known as a mass murder. the norwoods shunned him by then. ed was 8 years old and lost 8 close cousins that day. >> they went to jonestown following their parents thinking all of our dreams exactly to pass in this paradise in the middle of a jungle somehow. so, i am really big on pushing people and myself and my children to strive for your dreams. the family is in the middle of a legal fight trying to build a new memorial to replace this one. they are hoping to have it done bite 35th anniversary, next year. [singing] the crowd at this annual memorial has been dwindling. today, a dozen people came to
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pay respects. >> most of us were not born at that time. so, it is very important for us to know our miles an hour history so we don't repeat this. >> reporter: back to you. >> the search is expanding for an oil rig worker who disappeared following an explosion. dive boats are searching the water and beaches are checked near louisiana. the body of a second missing worker was found last night. two of four workers burned in the blast remain in critical condition and one in serious. vice president joe biden is assuring new jersey residents that the federal government will not abandon them after hurricane sandy. he toured storm-ravaged coasts today including the boardwalk. sandy killed more than 100 people in 10 states but hit new jersey and new york the hardest. all right, as sure as christmas trees will appear on halloween, shoppers will line up days ahead of black friday. they are already camping out at a best buy, john? >> that is right.
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four days and an hour until the black thursday or friday sales. they are determined to be first in line. a line that will stretch around the parking lot. why? >> not just because of the bargains. >> for black friday. i mean it is something my daughter and i have been doing since she was three months old. she never had thanksgiving dinner at home. we have it out here. every thanksgiving in a line in front of a best buy? [ laughter ] >> yes. [ laughter ] >> anyone suggest it might be child abuse? >> i did think someone was going to call cps on me at one time. >> what do you eat out here? fast good? >> during the day, yes, but on thanksgiving my family members bring out the turkey and the dressing and things like that. >> it can not just be about the prices it has to be something more. >> we are part of a family for meeting each other on black friday. we became family. >> the accommodations are as
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comfortable as you would expect on the treeless concrete. >> you saw stents so you decided to stay? >> yes. >> saw tents soy decided to stay? >> yes. >> for one we get to meet new people. for two, best sales of the year. >> you know, actually it is really comfortable. [ laughter ] it really is warm in here. >> we met together here in line and the bargains are fantastic. televisions, game bundles, laptops, and the management here is great as well. >> reporter: do they mind the lines? probably not. they plan to do 10 times a normal business day on black friday. shoppers love it. a black friday backlash from retail workers. hundreds of thousands of people taken their frustration out on- line. a campaign asking people to boycott walmart and target is growing. people are signing petition
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demanding the ceo give workers a real thanksgiving holiday. well, a reunion in the south bay, fit for the holidays, a mother and son together for the first time in six decades. cbs 5 reporter has more on how they share their story today. >> i am thankful. >> reporter: at mission harvest church in san skwroes a largely filipino -- san jose, a largely filipino congregation has four special guest. >> i want to give them hope because of what has happened in my own life. >> reporter: it is a story almost too good to be true. evoking tears from the audience. >> very scared. having my first baby. -- >> how old were you? >> i was 23 years old. >> that was 63 years ago in iowa. she was pregnant and had to give her baby boy up for adoption. she kept it a secret until a discussion about babies, earlier this year, made her confess to her daughter. somewhere out this was a son. >> she said mom, you want to see him? i said yeah, of course i want
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to see him. i waited all of this time. >> reporter: after an internet search they found him and sent him a certified letter telling him he wanted to meet them. he did not believe the letters at first. >> i read a few lines and she said i'm your mother. and i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: they started talking on the phone, sometimes for three to four hours, finally, she asked for pictures of ronald. >> i told mom, i can do one better, i'm coming out to see you. >> standing next to each other in line with a full thanksgiving spread that are both new friend with an old bond. >> this is the best thanksgiving ever. that i ever had. >> me too, yeah. >> after 63 years and 2,130 miles this is their first thanksgiving together at this filipino church, hopefully not
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their last. >> back to you. more rain back in the forecast as we slide towards the holiday. the day to expect the rain. with the pinpoint forecast. she spent thousands getting her house retrofitted. >> we got somebody reliable. it will not help when the next quake hits. >> this is no value in it. >> why so many qualified contractors are doing it all wrong
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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retrofitting their homes agt earthquakes. but, it some cases, it offers a false see of security. c-b-s 5 consumerwatch re bay area homeowners have been retrofitting their home. but in some cases it gives them a false sense of security. some of them have serious problems and the real solution to the problem that is still years away. >> reporter: when it comes to retrofitting, this home inspector says he sees things done wrong more than right. >> funky electric. >> reporter: and his house near the fault is a perfect example stphaoel these washers are undersized. they are the wrong type of nail. the plywood needs to go down. >> no value in this retrofitting. >> reporter: a shock to him
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who paid $4,000 to earthquake proof the home a decade ago and she did not cut corners. >> we got somebody rely able. we had a reference -- reliable, we had references,. >> reporter: it turns out many home owner -- homeowners are living with the same sense of security. structural engine is often hired to fix them. poor work done by contractors he says simply are in the dark. >> mostly i think this is a lack of training that has been available and realistic details for contractors to follow. >> reporter: two years ago california adopted a seismic retrofit code. a detailed set of instructions on how to properly retrofit a home. the problem, contractors are not actual he required to follow them. and, they only apply to one
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spectacular -- specific type of home. a small wood frame structure, with a crawlspace, without a tile roof and a series of other specific requirements. since there are no codes many are using their best guess. >> it is taking so long that we don't still have a good set is of guidelines that really applies to a lot of the housing stock that we have in the bay area. >> reporter: the california earthquake authority admits that the process to develop an adquit retrofit code has been slow going. >> mostly because it has opinion done on a voluntary basis. >> reporter: many study the problem no one agency, federal, state, local has been tapped to come up with guidelines. >> a lot of priorities. single family priorities are high on the list. >> l the cea is finally moving -- well, the cea is finally moving forward with the guidelines for all types of
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homes, they say it will be at least four years before they are available for contractors. >> we are ready to move on that. >> reporter: too late for her tphous. >> it could end up on the ground right here, four feet that way, four feet in the back or go four feet in the front or twist. >> and it is baffling to figure out well, what to do now. >> reporter: julie watts, cbs 5. >> experts say if your home does not fit the plan a guidelines you should use a structural engine to oversee the project. if you have a home that has been inadequately retrofitted the earthquake authority says it it may be possible to do fixes instead of starting all over again. all right, people are going to be on the roadways, in the air, traveling for thanksgiving, we have the forecast. >> you know what i love about this time of the year just be side is everything, there is something happening every day. a christmas tree heighting and
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-- lighting and now ice rinks. now, we take you to union square. right there. it opened on november 7th. it will remain open until january 21st. and it is from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. what a great night out there even though we have been picking up light raindrops. just some sprinkles that just skirted out there. sfo you will watch right there. a couple of sprinkles. that is about it. most he cloudy skies. i thought i would bring you up to paras far as the rainfall is concerned. how much we have in the rain gauge right now. look at san francisco, 100% for what we should be at this time of the year. santa rosa, hefty 87%. oakland, 69. san jose, 69%, more rain in the forecast. not so much tonight. mostly cloudy, just those couple of sprinkles that is about it. overnight lows, 42 degrees to
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52 degrees in san francisco. middle 40s santa clara valley and the try valley and the east bay. cloudy overnight tonight. areas of fog will develop. we will start out with stratus in the form of fog for your morning commute. under a mostly cloudy sky for monday. those clouds will lead to the potential of rain showers by late tuesday afternoon. this is the latest area of low pressure that clips the north western section of the state of california and brought hefty amounts of rainfall here to the bay area. behind it here, a lot of unstable air mas. the bottom line s take a look at your monday. here is your morning commute under the cloud cover. then, the rain plays tag and sits there. and watch tuesday morning commute. you begin to see this cold front slipping through the bay area, producing scattered rain showers, all of the way through that wednesday, but then that is it. that sets the stage for a dry thanksgiving. the bottom line is how does it
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all effect 49er action tomorrow night. it doesn't. most he cloudy sky. 60 degrees to the middle 50s as you play host to the chicago bears. monday, get away day for many people. starting the holiday early. upper 40s in the high sierra is. the winter weather advisory has been allowed to expire. a pair of 6s around the fresno area. your forecast, your pinpoint forecast, starting out with the coast into the 60s, the peninsula. we will group all of the temperatures together. upper 50s to the 60s. the winds remain flat at five miles an hour. 61, otherwise, 61 and terra linda. there you have the extended forecast. we call for a dry thanksgiving after a wet late tuesday into wednesday. >> all right. no turkey jokes there. >> not on this one. [ laughter ] >> thank you. a powerful alliance pushing for the new warriors arena. who is joining forces to get the deal done. and speaking of the warriors ... >> coming up in just a few
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minutes on "game day" we will be joined by the warriors owner. he is here to tell us about the book, give me a hollywood ending to the 2012-2013 season. confetti. i love this moment, it is great. >> fantasy stuff. only in the movies. that is next on "game day." in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. oakland-based "youth radio"l receive the national arts ad a very special honor at the white house for an east bay youth program. oakland based youth radio will receive the national arts and youth program award from first
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lady michelle obama. it teaches students about the media and important issues in society. another big step tomorrow for the warriors plans to build a 17,000 seat arena on the san francisco waterfront. we report in today's chronicle two powerful labor unions are expected to join forces and urge the board of supervisors to approve the deal. the project will create thousands of construction jobs. san francisco's first emergency shelter is open tonight to provide shelter and warmth to the homeless. -- it will offer shelter for a few weeks. two nfl players, with roots in oakland, handed out turkeys in their community today. this is the 6th year seattle seahawks, lynch and former 49er, josh johnson teamed up for the give away.
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not only did needy families get a turkey but a letter from both of them. [music] music lovers absolute their favorites. who walked away a winner at the ma's? ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. of the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn part 2." the film ranks eighth on the lif
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top a huge opening weekend for the final installment of "the twilight" move i. it ranks 8th on the top, joining two other "twilight" films. they earned $142 million. that is one00 million more than the -- $100 million more than the number 2. the american music awards paid treubute to a tv and pop music icon. dick character was remembered in a musical tribute by stevie wonder. justin bieber dominated the awards. favorite pop rock item for "i believe" and best male artist. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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